Friday, May 17, 2013

Ghost Knights

My final illustration for Digital Portfolio. Just your every day, glowy green knights!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Elizabeth from Bioshock: Infinite

I did this one last month of Elizabeth after I finished Bioshock: Infinite.

Digital Portfolio

This is the stuff I've done for digital portfolio so far this semester. I think I got better pieces out of this class than in narrative painting last semester. I was trying to do some more portraiture for this class because I need to get better at it.

I contacted artists on DA asking if they had stories I could use for illustrations for this class. Got lots of half-assed stuff (sorry guys, don't hurt me!) and some weird stuff too, but there were some others that were somewhat promising. This one was for a character called Lilith. She's like an ancient Egyptian turned vampire through her use of blood magic.

This was a mock cover for ~ruzkin's book, Century of Sand. Yeah, portraits!

Then I started looking up lore for Legend of the Cryptids cards and doing my own take on them. This one is called Lantern Goblin Laborer. It's about goblins that deliver jack o lanterns to villages at Halloween. Definitely my favorite piece from this semester and it got into the spring show too!

"Dorothy, Magician of Hope". It's about wicked witches terrorizing Oz and Dorothy coming back as a spellsword to combat them. I really like this one too.

Narrative Painting

This is the stuff I did for narrative painting last semester. I'd have to say that I don't really like most of the pieces that came out of this class from me :(

This one was something about "the light shows the way" ...or something. Has kind of a weak story.


The cave explorers. This one is probably my favorite from the class but it could've turned out a lot better :(

Shallan from The Way of Kings riding the rickshaw through Kharbranth, the city of bells. This one ended up taking way longer than I was expecting so I ended up rushing through painting the porter and the figures in the background, which left them a bit wonky looking. Maybe I'll fix this someday.

Advanced Perspective

While working on this post, I realized that I really hate blogspot >:( I'm just going to build a new site after this semester is done because it's just so much convenient for me that way (and I need a new one anyways). Here's stuff from my advanced perspective class last spring.




Greek Myth:

Isometric/Final Boards: